The braveheart from scotland

A glimpse of a tour trough germany

Simon Kempston a Singer Songwriter from Scotland. He is sitting in a friends house in Bavaria. A house of the blues musician Mick Pini. Two conversations penetrate each other. One about music and one about Corona. Like a dark front of clouds the “Sound of Corona” is getting mightier and mightier and overcomes the persons. Simon puts his experiences of the last two years onto the table. “2020 i had organized a tour trough germany and played only tree gigs, while driving huge useless kilometers.” 2021 he came by train and got into the railway-strike of the Deutsche Bahn. One time his train was cancelled on the way to a gig. Then he called for a hired car and all attainable was sold out. So he had to go by a slow train. The information-display said it comes in 10,5,0 minutes and then it was away. As he asked, they said you have to call the slow trains he phoned before. Was this what they call the new normality?
He would talk rather about who is the biggest of the three Kings of blues. B. B or Freddy or… But he asks:

“There a many cowboys out in the music business, as in corona,
when do we come to the other side? “

When AIDS came up in the 80ies, he expresses, they didn’t forbit the people
to have sex. It was much about enlightment and self responsibility. Dresden and Leipzig where towns he really enjoyed in the 2021 Tour.

” The music is always in you
Just trust the music”

The beginning of his professional carrier as a musician is connected to the man beside him: Mick Pini.
2002 he spoke to him in a recordstore in London, while Simon was reading in a biographie of John Lee Hooker.
They talked an hour about it and Mick encouraged him to trust the music and leave his 9-5 Job.
2009 when Simon saw a good resonance for his first Album “Carefree Prisoner” , he used the moment, quit his good payed job and went on tour.
Than he takes out his accoustic guitar and plays along. After a while he gives it to his other neighbour Daniela and she’s astonished about the tuning of the guitar. It’s a tuning from Dick Gaughan, the famous scottish musician. The period from 1964-1975 was a good period for music, says Mick. Now all are again in the good mood and topic in which they met in that record store in London. The music is always in you.Just trust the music.


Singer, Manager,

Driver… one in all

Author: farounfirewater

Ich bin der Falke im Sturm der den König sucht. "Ich lebe mein Leben in sich weitenden Ringen, die sich über die Dinge ziehn, Den letzten, ich weiß nicht ob ich ihn Vollbringe, aber versuchen will ich ihn Ich kreise um Gott um den uralten Turm und ich kreise Jahrtausende lang und ich weiß nicht, bin ich eine Falke, ein Sturm oder ein großer Gesang" (Rilke)

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